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So, you want to learn English online! Hello! I’m Richard! I teach adults who want to learn English online.

It is easy to book a trial lesson. Click this link for a trial lesson.

I really look forward to talking to you. Send me a message and we can book your trial lesson.

Level up your English with these services!

Ask about :

  • General Conversation classes,
  • Fluency and Pronunciation practice and coaching,
  • News and Views discussions,
  • Writing review and Feedback,
  • English for Career Development (Lifecoaching from a qualified Lifecoach in English)
  • Academic English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate study (including Presentation coaching).

I mainly work in three areas:

  1. Academic English – preparation for university study in the UK at both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  2. Business English – for people who work in an international company or have to do business in English
  3. IELTS preparation – coming soon! Message me if you are interested in learning from a certified IELTS tutor.

I have been teaching English since 1980! That’s a long time, and I have taught in the UK and Malaysia. Right now I am teaching online and also Academic English for a UK university.

The best place to start with learning English online is to improve your conversation. Improving your conversation means being able to listen and understand and respond  – all in English.

When you learn English online with me, we will start with conversation and fluency and then go in the direction that is most useful to you once you have a good foundation.

I have taught at the British Council in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently teach at INTO University of East Anglia where I specialise in teaching Academic English for both undergraduate and post graduate students. I have also taught closed groups for the Saudi military and the UAE Police!

Please note I do not work with beginners. You must be intermediate level or above which is IELTS 4.5, or above. I only work with students who want to USE their English in the real world, that is for business and career and for academic, university level study.

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